Wisdom Teeth in Ogden Utah

The permanent denture is made up of 32 teeth, where four are called the third teeth or teeth of wisdom. Only 4% of people have enough space for their teeth of wisdom to blow up. When these teeth do not have sufficient space they are often placed lying down and remain imprisoned in the jaw. Half of them often remain blocked under the gums when they erupt. The bacteria can then build up under the gum and cause a tooth abscess. As a result, it is generally preferable to remove them before they cause a problem.

Wisdom Teeth

It is also much easier to extract them before the roots have completed their formation. If they should be pulled out of their wisdom teeth, it is often preferable to remove them both at the same time. In this way, they only have to go through this process only once.  We can give them nitrogen oxide to help them relax if they are anxious about extractions. If they prefer we can work through conscious sedation.

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