Teeth Whitening in Ogden Utah

This technique is constantly evolving, although the compounds that have proven their efficacy and safety for decades are still being used carbide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. These products are able to go through the tooth taking advantage of natural channels of its micro structure to reach the dark tooth areas. 

Just then, they decompose in oxygenated terminals that act on the color macro molecules pigmented and large. By deconstructing them and reducing them, they are capable to remove them from the inside of the tooth in their reverse way out which translates into a progressive lightening of the tooth.

Teeth Whitening

Is Teeth Whitening painful?

The persons who prior to treatment have dentin hypersensitivity, they are more likely to experience this sensation. That builds of enlarging in the sensitivity of the teeth, mainly to cold stimuli. It generally appears in the first days of treatment and is mild. It is vital that the treatment of whitening be personalized all the way through a previous study of both the patient’s habits and their dental structure. We persevere this hypothetical discomfort lasts a few days and, in severe cases, remain during the whitening treatment. They disappear completely with total security after concluded.

How long does tooth whitening last?

If an expert does the treatment, slowly and getting the entire thickness of the dentine clear the result can remain for 8 years. If for some reason the achieved target is dimmed or loses vividness, it is very simple to recover it. It would be sufficient to perform a professional dental cleaning followed by the splints with whitening gel application for a few nights. The teeth that received full whitening in the past recover the tone achieved very simply. The expert points out that many people believe that the result and duration of tooth whitening is an issue to chance. Well-planned whitening and performed in optimal conditions will always work. The degree of clearance varies depending on the case so it is important that the expert dentist inform the patient about the prediction of their result. 

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