Restorative dentistry in Ogden Utah

Restorative dentistry must resort to other treatments such as root canals when cavities have damaged deeper structures. Restorative dentistry treats alterations of the dental tissue (caries, stains trauma, etc. We have composites to restore tooth decay they are biocompatible materials very similar in characteristics to dental pieces. The decay begins to affect the surface of the tooth enamel and dentin, so that preventive treatment is essential. 

New sealing materials, such as bulk film allow restorations of greater aesthetics and strength, in addition to being very biocompatible. Restorative dentistry allows us to treat much-damaged teeth effectively, quickly and painlessly, thanks to the use of latest generation materials such as electronic measurement and Titanium systems.

It is essential to resort to treatments for a great extension of an important weakness in the arrangement of the dental piece. That replaces the dental tissue, crowns, and porcelain veneers. Restorative dentistry is the basis of good dental health because it is the full advantage of your own teeth and only intervenes in the damaged part of the structures.

The caries filling techniques have evolved a lot and in south Ogden dental, we have the best materials. We attain that the reconstruction goes fully unnoticed in the eyes of others With Composite resins of the same color as your tooth. This way we avoid the bad effect that dental amalgams produce in sight.

The clinical case presented is a delegate of the close collaboration that occurs daily between the most practiced dental disciplines orthodontics and restorative dentistry. It presents a clinical condition that the dentist often finds in his clinic.

The orthodontic treatment carried out is described. It is demonstrated how the integration between the different odonto-stomatological disciplines leads to certainly better results. It also provides testimony of how direct well-executed restorative dentistry can usefully combine the aesthetic result with the different economic possibilities.


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