Dental veneers in Ogden Utah

Dental veneers are a type of odontological operation that is responsible for aesthetically reconstructing certain parts of the mouth of patients. For example, they are able to modify some properties of the incisors such as their color, their shape, and even their brightness. A dental veneer is a thin sheet that is made using porcelain as the material the reason for this is that this material is much more resistant both to the passage of time and to any type of inconvenience that may occur. This veneers is important as dental bonding for teeth.


Around they have a thickness of 0.3-1 mm the professional should place them on the anterior surface of the incisors and should use a contact adhesive to ensure that it can be fixed on it and cannot be detached. Unlike what you can get to believe, the union that is achieved is strong so it is impossible to remove. The only way to do it is that the veneer breaks and, as we have said before, this is almost impossible because porcelain is very hard.

Uses and advantages of Dental veneers

  • The main advantage it offers us compared to the common adhesion mechanisms is what we already mentioned. It has a strong resistance so no matter how much we can do. We are not going to have to think about what we eat or stop eating since food will not modify the fact that it is fixed.
  • Dental veneers are also important to know that a dental veneer does not require the client to reduce. The client will not have to touch on size or properties. Therefore, any type of discomfort that may be experienced by the treatments will be reduced.
  • Their main advantage is it is very resistant to abrasion. We can be consuming very hot products knowing that at all times you will not eat the adhesive. Traditional At the time they are already cemented, the patient can eat with peace of mind that they are going to detach.

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