Dental Fillings in Ogden Utah

A dental filling is, as a rule, will have a specific duration. The fillings typically endure enough pressure because of the bite. So the most usual thing is that they do not last all the life placed in their place and in perfect condition. The materials, with which these dental restorations are made unluckily, are not so strong as to withstand over the years making the oral cavity maintain all its functionalities. Periodic checkups with the dentist are so important for this reason. The specialist will review the exact situation of each filling, being able to detect cracks or injuries that affect oral health.

Dental Filling

Types of dental fillings

The most ordinary was to use silver amalgam fillings. Today this technique is in disuse, there are still professionals who use it in their clinics. This type of fillings lasts a few years longer than composite ones. If you have an amalgam filling, it is probable that if it is an ideal state, the dentist does not recommend removing it. Since the release of mercury may be higher. Visiting the dentist is the best option to check the health of dental fillings, whatever their type. The compound fillings are made through mold-able resins that guarantee a much more appropriate and careful aesthetics. This type of restorations is the most used today in dental clinics. The duration of composite fillings is not greater usually than ten years.

When to change a filling

The fillings must be replaced for a variety of reasons. It is probable for a dental filling to crack, break. The professional will study the case and can offer the most suitable solution for the patient’s dental health. In the periodic reviews of the dentist, small oral radiography are taken on every side of the mouth, where it can be seen. If there are any cavities below, the fillings or they are infiltrated it has to be renewed. If it is not, possible that at some time the nerve is affected and the patient comes with pain or with an infection in the said tooth.

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