Cosmetic dentistry in Ogden Utah

Cosmetic dentistry is a partition of dentistry focused on creating attractive smiles, maintaining the natural appearance and taking care of oral health. Among the best-known procedures are:

Dental Whitening

This process allows eliminating stains achieving a whiter smile. Several kinds of bleaching are offered. That regulates according to each patient needs, from those that can be performed at home, such as those made by a professional to acquire earlier results.


It is possible to cover the teeth with special materials through the resins. That allows changing the tonality of the same, exact imperfections, smooth surfaces, and close spaces. 


The most appropriate treatment according to your particular situation is to consult with your dentist.


Veneers for patients who have an irregular or broken tooth, porcelain veneers are an outstanding option. These thin cosmetic sheets can precisely change the smile in less than a week. There are also applications of veneers for numerous pieces of the bite or all the teeth and that due to their greater difficulty. A pediatric dentist in OgdenUtah Dental Specialties treats them by means of our service.

Aesthetic gum treatment

You also have to consider the gum when talking about dental aesthetics. The gums treatment corrects receding tissues that expose better dental surface. That covers a lot of dental surface in the lower part of the teeth whitening. One of our specialists is capable to counsel you on the best treatment for your condition.


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