We are the Ogden dentistry the main chain of dental care in Ogden UT. We have the best pediatric dentist in Ogden Utah. We are part of dental care with whom we seek, through a comprehensive health model, to become a popular dental service provider. We want to take care of the patient and support them when they are ill and require health care, also when they are healthy, developing original initiatives focused on the prevention of diseases and the promotion of healthy life habits.

Ogden UT

We have been fulfilling our goal to bring quality health care to more families in the country. We have more specialties and our centers are located in easily available geographical areas, to give medical care available and timely. Dentist in OgdenUT begins its journey with the objectives of promoting health, both dental and preventing disease.

We focus on the analysis and distribution of data based on the scientific proof available in these areas. That inspired by the focus of health psychology and educational psychology.  We try to act as an alternative to the propaganda that prevails in the networks around issues that are so applicable to the people well-being. We want to be close to you and give you the best solutions for your oral health.

What makes us different?

We have an expert in the use of modern dental technologies and techniques to present our patients the highest quality and care. We work in fulfillment with the strictest regulations, maintaining a clean and safe environment for patients. Our team makes health and well-being their top priorities. Our facilities were built with your comfort in mind. Our friendly staff will make you feel happy even before entering the office.

Professionals at your disposal

We have a large dentist’s specialist team who has the best clinical and human skills to help you and your family to solve all the pathologies that may affect the oral area.

Personal attention

Our main goal is to supply individual and expedited attention. The first step is for the patient to be treated by an Integral Dentist by a Pediatric Dentist. Later, they will decide the matching exams to establish the diagnosis and make inter consultations with our specialists. Our institution has to guarantee safe clinical procedures and strict measures regarding biosecurity for all patients.

Rights and Duties of the Patient

It is important for us to give health care based on respect and safety for the rights you have as a patient. We want you to know that our collaborators will watch over the proper compliance of them.


  • Have your doctor give you a care report received during your hospitalization.
  • Have your doctor give you a care report received during your hospitalization.
  • Be called by his name and treated with kindness.
  • Not be photographed or recorded for broadcast purposes without your permission.
  • Your medical information should not release to people not related to your care.
  • Get safe and quality health care, according to established protocols.
  • Information update of the costs of your health care
  • Receive a dignified treatment, respecting your privacy.
  • There should be signage and facilitators in the original language where relevant.
  • Receive visits, company, and spiritual assistance.
  • Register the birth of your child in the place of residence.
  • Consulate complain about the health care received.
  • To be included in scientific research studies only if authorized.
  • Accept or reject any request and treatment voluntary discharge.

Patient Duty

  • Deliver exact information about your identity, illness, and address.
  • Learn about the complaint procedures.
  • Take care of the equipment facilities of the site.
  • Learn about the service hours and forms of payment.
  • Fulfill with the internal regulations and safeguard your medical information.
  • Treat health personnel respectfully.


Why our Dental service is the Best